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Make yourself at home in our bright, welcoming
rooms, apartments and suites – fully equipped with everything you need for babies and children.

Are you looking for a cosy nest for a small family, or space to accommodate three generations on holiday? The rooms, suites and apartments at Smiley’s Kinderhotel are tailored to families, winter and summer alike! The rustic yet elegant country-house or contemporary style furnishings, practicality and comprehensive equipment for babies and children ensure absolute comfort. The highlights are our canopied bed apartments and Smiley suites with patio, which have direct access to the playground. You can relax on the patio and watch your children as they play safely outdoors.

Long time Partners of Smileys Kinderhotel:

Smileys Kinderhotel im Babydorf
Family Brandstätter

Bad 19
9852 Trebesing / Millstättersee
Carinthia / AUSTRIA
Tel.: +43 (0) 47 32/ 24 46
Fax: +43 (O) 47 32/ 24 46-4

No jacket required -
All-inclusive, feel-good family holidays.